Professional Chaostician and Whorographer (fortryll) wrote in 12_step_dc,
Professional Chaostician and Whorographer

Intro Post

My name is Sarah
My sobriety date is 5/10/1990 (yes, that means tomorrow is my 17th anniversary!)
I currently live in Springfield, just south of DC
While I did most anything organic I could get my hands on (I used to think that as long as I didn't do chemical stuff like meth, I wasn't an addict...ha on me, huh?), I far and away preferred the booze.
I consider myself a member of AA, though I've in the past attended NA, AlAnon, and CoDA
I don't get to meetings at all these days, though I'm going to one tomorrow. I've had a hard time getting back to meetings after moving up to DC about four years ago. Thankfully I am able to work the steps and carry the message in the rest of my life, but I'm missing the fellowship a lot these days, and am kicking myself to get out to meetings again.
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