Scary Dave (scarydavedc) wrote in 12_step_dc,
Scary Dave


clonnie spam bombed 12_step_dc last night. Some of it was pretty creative, some of it wasn't, but all of it was:
A) abusive.
B) cut & pasted into multiple, unrelated posts.
C) Bashing 12 Step groups.
All of these factors put clonnie in violation of the groups guidelines and LJ's TOS. While I won't ban the person (in a loose spirit of the traditions and a 12 Step groups primary purpose), or disable Anonymous posts, I have had a plan in case this happened again.

The policy that I as the mod had hoped I wouldn't have to set forth is as follows: Report said abuse to LJ TOS, screen the comment, ignore from there. Do not reply to the comment, do not delete the comment. Email me with a link to the post the offending comment appeared in, then I will also report them to LJ TOS again as The MOD.

If anyone has any input or concerns on this policy, please comment about it here. This policy is for YOUR group, and as a result is fluid to your needs. I'm not going to hold some sort of online group conscience, but I do want you to know that your input is not only welcome, but requested.
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