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News Coverage about Midtown

The article in Newsweek & on MSNBC: A Struggle Inside AA- Recovering alcoholics say a Washington, D.C., group has hijacked the 12-step program's name.

The news story on Fox 5: Disturbing Accusations Against Chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous

The news story on ABC 7: Are members of a District meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous being lured into a cult?

Other coverage (all anti-Midtown): TheTruthAboutMidtown.Com and The Fall of Midtown on MySpace.

Thoughts? Concerns?

Me? I have heard rumors about the Midtwon group throughout my whole recovery. I decided it would be better safe than sorry, considering there are over 1500 groups in DC besides Midtown, and chose to hit other groups. My stance is more focused on educating people in my life about what AA is really about, instead of slinging mud about groups alleged actions. I do have some concerns about what this story may do to AA as a whole, as well as the impression of recovery this may leave on the newcomer and the alcoholic that still suffers. All of this I voiced at the WAIA meeting this evening.

If you are a member of AA in the DC area, I urge you to make sure you opinion is heard by our trusted servents (no matter your view).
- Tell your WAIA Rep and GSR to bring it up in the next meeting
- Attend the next WAIA & GSA meetings (2nd week in June)
- Contact WAIA & AA World Services
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