Lori (lookslikelori) wrote in 12_step_dc,


Hi everyone .. My name is Lori and I'm an Alcoholic and Addict.

I lived 97% of my life in Northern VA and got sober in 2002 (7/29) at the Unity Club in Falls Church. A year and a half ago I moved down to Orange, Virginia and got me a new Home Group (The Out to Lunch Bunch!) but I still feel a very strong connection to the DC Community and have a lot of sober friends there. I still hit meetings up there when I go home to visit family and friends.

I attend AA meetings for the most part and occasionally hit an NA meeting here and there (Not many to choose from down here in the boonies).

My drug of choice is whatever you have to offer tho left to my own devices, I'll head to the Rum Store for a jug of Bicardi.

I'm looking forward to seeing Sarah tomorrow as she celebrates 17 years right here at my Home Group! (heh, we must be on some other list together to have both found this one :)

I hope you all have a dandy day and remember to Keep it Simple!
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